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What is Sceptre?

Sceptre is a trainable gesture based universal remote controller. In simple words, It allows you to control any remote controlled device in the world with the flick of your hand.


  • Every time we buy an TV/ Audio system/ AC etc. we are also buying a remote that works with only that device. (Raise your hand if you have 2 remotes for controlling your TV)
  • We do not use all the buttons on a remote. There are few favorites that we use all the time!! (Pump up the volume! or Power it off when mom's around)
  • The interface for these remotes are decided by the manufacturers and may not always be user-friendly. Especially for the elder people. Raise your hand again if you had to demo any device to your grandparents and they mocked technology.
  • It would be cool to never have to buy a remote again, no batteries for them too! Just buy your gadgets, download the default mappings from cloud and you are ready to go!

So, What all can it do?

  • Spectre is a wearable that tracks the EMG activity of your arm coupled with an IMU to detect gestures.
  • It also consists of an IR transceiver unit that can detect and reproduce signals in the IR spectrum. (common consumer :remote controlled devices)
    Sceptre has the following modes/ features :
  • Training
    This mode allows you to create a profile for the device you wish to control with Sceptre. It is a pretty straight forward process. You press a button on the remote of the device, then you do a hand gesture and tada! the mapping is saved. You can save as many devices and gesture mappings as you like. Well wondering how?? Read the next part!
  • Sync/Upload Device Profiles
    Sceptre has a Wifi module that links it to our cloud servers. So you can store all the profiles for your devices and access them on any Sceptre associated with your account.
  • Download public gesture mappings
    Next time you head home with your new TV/ Home theatre/ AC, just download the publicly available Device profile uploaded by your device manufacturers on the cloud and you are good to go. Customize it as per your need and have fun! You can also make these customized device profiles available to the public. Build a repo among fellow device owners if the manufacturers disappoint :P
  • Wand mode
    In this setting, you swish your hand to control your devices.


Sceptre is a wearable gadget that fits on on your arm and makes you look like Iron Man and do stuff like Harry Potter. Here is a video demonstrating an initial prototype of the product Sceptre Video Demo

The Future

Most of the individual features of Scpetre have been prototyped. Currently, we are integrating them and experimenting with several design approaches i.e finding the perfect balance between cool, sleek and efficient. Academically, we will be rolling out patents, papers and conference presentations.

Developers and Contributors

  • Mayank Sharma(@maany)
  • Anirudh Kumar

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